No major changes in this category since the last update to this guide (2 months ago). There’s one new arrival placed at no.4, but the winner of the category is still well ahead of its closest competitors both in our tests and the user review ratings.

For those new to the NQ Vacuum Labs website – here’s a little introduction.

What we test

Our in-house tests and ratings are based primarily on these 3 tests:

  • Soil removal test
  • Suction test
  • Dust and particle containment

We combine the results we get from these tests with the vacuum’s rating from user reviews to get the Overall NQ rating of a product.

We update these numbers every two months to keep the data fresh and reliable.

So, let’s get to business and present what you really want to see – the TOP 5 best-rated canister vacuum cleaners on the market today:

best_rated_canister_vacuum_dyson_ballBall multifloor canister vacuum cleaner by Dyson9.5/10
canister_vacuum_review_jet_forceJet Force MC-CL935 canister vacuum cleaner by Panasonic8.25/10
top_rated_eureka_mighty_miteMighty Mite 3670G canister vacuum by Eureka8/10
miele_canister_best_vacuumNew Olympus Classic lotus white canister vacuum by Miele7.25/10
eureka_airexcel_canister_reviewAirExcel 990A compact canister vacuum by Eureka7.25/10

Ball multifloor canister vacuum cleaner

best_rated_canister_vacuum_dyson_ballBy Dyson

1. Here’s what Dyson had to say to introduce us our category winner:

  • This is the same model as DC39 Origin Canister. The name was updated, but the product remains unchanged
  • Unique product on the market in terms of its central mechanism for steering
  • Technology of Radial Root Cyclone
  • Will capture greater amounts of dirt than any other available cyclone
  • The use of cyclone doesn’t affect the power of suction in any negative way

2. The results of our tests:

Ball multifloor canister vacuum cleaner by Dyson The results of our tests


The name was changed, but the product remains the same, meaning we can use all of the older canister vacuum cleaner reviews with this model as well. We have a lot of customer feedback to go through, so let’s get to it.

3. What the users are saying in their reviews of this canister vacuum:

We’ll start with the PROs:

  • I like the stop-suction push button on the handle. It really comes in handy if I accidentally suck in the ends of my drapes or a cord (yup, that actually happened to me!)
  • The suction is pretty great. It picks up everything from my floor, and there’s always something to pick up when you’re a single mother of two! It works well on both carpets and hard floor. Pretty sweet deal for that price
  • It did a good job on the stairs, but also on those pesky corners and floor-edges where a bunch of dust gathers forms over time. It reduced them to nothing, and that kind of reach and flexibility is a pretty big part of what I wanted from the best canister vacuum cleaner I’ve pictured in my head
  • It performs really well over tapestries, upholstery, and drapes
  • I have enough of a reach with this vacuum cleaner to get even the most remote cobwebs and dust in my apartment
  • The positioning of the switches on this vacuum is something I really like. I down have to bend down at all, and can simply use my foot instead
  • Emptying the completely filled canister is just a breeze with this one
  • One of the big pluses for me is the filter that I can just wash and reuse. It’s been through three sessions of vacuuming, and it still looks surprisingly clean
  • I can finally get to close spaces and underneath the furniture, which was impossible with my old upright vacuum
  • Very easy to put together following the instruction displayed on the canister. It also comes with some pretty handy attachments

What the users didn’t like – the CONs:

  • There’s no on/off button located in the handle. It’s not that big of a deal, but I got used to it with my previous vacuum
  • The vacuum overall and the canister are somewhat heavier than I initially expected they would be. It only becomes bothersome if I’m vacuuming the entire house and have to move it around constantly
  • It’s pretty lighter than my old upright, but it takes up a bunch of space in its designated closet

4. Let’s see the ratings based on user feedback:

Ball multifloor canister vacuum cleaner_user_rating

5. Final thoughts on this best of a vacuum

There are few things that we are unanimous about around here, but this is one of them. This Dyson is by far the best canister vacuum cleaner ever made.

You can go higher, or you can go lower with the money you spend on a vacuum, you can spend 3 times as much, but we don’t think it’s going to be worth it.

When we first tested this Dyson, the thing that blew us away is the changes in the way the cyclone technology is designed. It used to be the case that if you want a cyclone vacuum, you have to make your peace with some loss in the suction power.

No such thing with this Dyson. Zero loss.

What they call a “Radial Root” technology in the design of the cyclone is nothing short of revolutionary.
It tested off the charts in our tests, as close as you can get to perfect in removing dust (even the microscopic) and received a close-to-perfect 9.5 in our tests.

Jet Force MC-CL935 canister vacuum cleaner

canister_vacuum_review_jet_forceBy Panasonic

1. Let’s see how Philips described this Jet-Force:

  • Cyclonic “Jet Force” filter has a dust cup shaped as an hourglass and a cylinder with 9 cyclones for dirt separation resulting in steady power of suction
  • 12-amp powerful motor, 14” of cleaning path paired with 24’ of cord and a 6’ hose with 360 degree action
  • Increased maneuverability due to turning radius of zero, muffled sound thanks to longer air path and top-side exhaust vent
  • Power head is motorized with height adjust/quick release and head light, handle on/off switch, curved handle
  • 20” x 15” x 10”, 14.2lbs. Vibrant violet and ebony
  • 1-years labor and parts warranty

2. Our own tests yielded these results:

Jet Force MC-CL935 canister vacuum cleaner The results of our tests

3. Here’s the final piece of the puzzle. We’re about to hear the opinions and experiences of real-life users:

Here are the PROs:

  • I like the expendable wand. I can finally keep my back straight throughout the entire vacuuming session
  • It really did a bang-up job on my floors and even handled my barber carpets well
  • The motorized head is much lighter than on my previous vacuum, making it much easier to handle and navigate
  • Very easy to empty by a simple flipping of the latch. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now, and the filter still looks reasonably clean
  • It’s a very solid build. Even the parts made of plastic seem perfectly sturdy, which was my number one concern while browsing through online canister vacuum cleaner reviews
  • This vacuum picked up every speck of dirt it found in our apartment! Feels pretty powerful, and in my humble opinion it’s probably the best canister vacuum cleaner in its price range
  • The cord is much longer than my old vac had, which is a more than welcome sight. The part around the plug end seems pretty sturdy too

Taking a look at some of the most relevant CONs:

  • My old vacuum was far less noisy than this one. On the other hand, it couldn’t do nearly as well faced with my carpets
  • The handle is not all that comfortable, especially after a longer use
  • The floor/carpet brush needs to be set manually, which is only a minor nuisance
  • Due to a fair amount of play between the head and the hose the brush can be somewhat tasking to maneuver
  • The price will definitely leave a dent in our budget. Luckily, I think we got what we paid for

4. Time to get down to numbers:

Jet Force MC-CL935 canister_vacuum_user_rating

5. Resume of the review of this canister vacuum

Smart cyclone design with the dirt separation is what we feel made the difference in the particle containment test. Upon inspection we realized that it’s not as well sealed as the Dyson but it’s the separation feature that allows it to minimize the movement in the case and thus lower the number of particles released. Smart.

A powerful 12 Amp motor and in-place rotation make the Jet Force efficient, fast and easy to use. Solidly build using just top-notch plastic, ergonomically shaped handle to minimize the stress on your back, and a nice long cord allows us to say the 2nd place is well-deserved.

Overall, a great vacuum with a Final LQ score of 8.25.

But past all the technicalities (let’s face it) it’s just cool owning anything that’s named “Jet Force”.
To some it might sound ridiculous but the name alone will be a decision point for many (some of our younger team members included).

Mighty Mite 3670G canister vacuum

top_rated_eureka_mighty_miteBy Eureka

1. Some initial product information as Eureka supplied it:

  • Ideal for efficient and quick cleaning
  • Convenient for your home or auto
  • Blower port is included
  • 12 amp lightweight canister vacuum is safe for completely cleaning bare-floor areas
  • Handle with Power-touch technology and easy-to-use controls at your fingertips; nozzle for bare floors; deluxe floor brush

2. Our in-house testing results are as follows:

Mighty Mite 3670G canister vacuum The results of our tests

3. The users shared in their reviews:

Let’s move on to scrutinize it through the eyes of the users – below are the chosen reviews that we felt were most relevant:

We’ll start with the positive experiences:

  • Pretty decent vacuuming power for the price
  • It’s lightweight and portable. Good for vacuuming the entire apartment very quickly
  • Did a good job on the hardwood floor in my house. Not the best canister vacuum cleaner in the world, but it gets thing done
  • It’s a good value for the money invested. It’s not all that heavy-duty, but it performs pretty well for what it is, a light little vacuum made for speed rather than an in-depth cleaning
  • Gives me a pretty good reach so I can vacuum the dust off of my bookcases and high shelves
  • It’s a very portable device, so carrying it down to the basement or my storage area outside the house fells like nothing. Vacuums pretty ok, but that’s exactly what I expected to get after reading some canister vacuum cleaner reviews online

Here are the known CONs:

  • The combination tool that comes with it (the one including a brush) is one of its biggest weaknesses by me. I had to go to my vacuum cleaner store and get something that’ll get the job done
  • The absence of the automatic cord soil really bugs me when it comes to storage
  • Bags in vacuum cleaners are really past their prime. I couldn’t find them anywhere, so I had to order them online
  • It handled my bare floor pretty well, but it really struggled with my carpets!

4. Let’s put what the users had to say into some hard numbers:

Mighty Mite 3670G_vacuum_user_rating


5. Summing up our thoughts on this Eureka

Price. That’s the main forte of this Eureka and while we wish we could say it can come close to the Dyson Ball in terms of performance but we would be lying.

If one could make anything similar to The Ball and sell it for under 100 bucks, the world economy would have to collapse.

But what Eureka did with this vacuum is smart. They knew their target market and went out and beyond to make a cheap vacuum cleaner that would not fall apart within months. And they did it.

Most of the time it’s the best-seller on Amazon (and that’s no surprise at that price point). It also doesn’t come as a surprise that was rated significantly better by the users than in our tests, because people are subjective when they pay very little for something. And who would blame them, a few of our team members own this vacuum and swear by it.

We like it, we don’t love it. If there was a desirability scale it would rank very high, but if there was practicality (price vs. value) scale it would be right there at the top.

Solid Overall rating of 8/10 for this Eureka.

New Olympus Classic lotus white canister vacuum

miele_canister_best_vacuumBy Miele

This is the new arrival to the top 5 canister vacuum cleaners. Its not a major surprise because we’ve seen it on the list before, about a year ago but it’s still refreshing to see it here, since it’s a very unusual mix of modern functionality and power and a classic design approach.

1. Basics about the vacuum:

  • Classic combination floor and rug tool
  • Air clean filter
  • 29.5ft radius of operation
  • Rotary dial for speed control

2. Here’s what we have to show for our in-house set of tests:

New Olympus Classic lotus white canister vacuum The results of our tests

3. Here are some of the experiences directly from people who bought and used this model in their homes:

Let’s start with the pleasant ones – PROs:

  • I’m an old, crusty biker, and this little gadget collects my fallen locks pretty good. I live alone and was forced into using a bunch of vacs over the years. This one is definitely not the best canister vacuum cleaner I’ve had, but definitely worth the price
  • I like the design of this vacuum. I’ve read so many canister vacuum cleaner reviews before buying it, and the thing that tipped me towards it was the fact that it’s a German product. It’s very well put together and feels pretty solid overall
  • I like how the bag is covered with this flap that prevents dust and stuff from going anywhere
  • It did ok on my hardwood floor. Suction power seems pretty good, and all of the parts come together nicely without any loose feeling to them. Definitely happy with what I’ve got for the price
  • Definitely the quietest Vacuum I’ve ever owned
  • I’ve had it for years, and it’s still showing no signs of ware. The most durable model I’ve used
  • It has a decent reach, and the rod is made of metal, which really comes in handy when I get my husband to do the vacuuming for once. He pushed down like a maniac, which resulted in a lot of broken nylon and plastic rods
  • It has a good ergonomic handle, and it’s really easy for me to carry it around when I’m vacuuming the stairs

Some of the CONs we chose:

  • The bag gets filled in a blink of an eye, so if you have shedding pets and a bunch of fluff around the house like me, you might want a bigger one
  • It really failed when I tried vacuuming my carpets. I expected a better performance for that price. Doing good on bare parts of the floor
  • The three different attachments that come with it are way to small
  • There’s this black piece of plastic securing the main filter. It snaps into place, and the mechanism in charge of the snapping part is made of a bunch of tiny, easily breakable pieces

4. The ratings as per the user reviews:

New Olympus Classic lotus white canister_vacuum_user_rating

5. Finalizing the review

This is one of the industry classics and the design tells the same story. Nothing fancy, no bold design moves, just a solid machine inside what could be seen as a plain-looking case.

The plain design in the modern era is what has a lot of people scratching their chins when they see the price tag of this one. It’s close to the Dyson Ball.

The first time we tested it, the one thing that took us aback the most was it result in the suction test. We knew the engine, its power, how and where it’s assembled and, to be honest, we expected less. So, we were pleasantly surprised and we started to better understand where Miele was “coming from” with this model.

The market for this vacuum will be the people that are not about bells and whistles and futuristic looks but about sheer power and reliability.

To sum it up – a great plain-looking canister vacuum with an Overall NQ rating of 7.25.

AirExcel 990A compact canister vacuum

eureka_airexcel_canister_reviewBy Eureka

1. Introductory fact sheet is the first item we’ll go through:

• Multi-cyclonic powerful system
• Lightweight
• HEPA filter
• Cleans bare-floors and carpets
• Dust cup with easy emptying technology

2. Our in-house test results:

AirExcel 990A compact canister vacuum The results of our tests

3. Let’s fill in the gaps by going over some high-value reviews users left for us online.

We’ll begin by taking a look at some of the good things:

  • It’s a big bang for our buck! Very lightweight and easy to use. Performs surprisingly well on hard floors, but we haven’t tested it on the carpet yet. Very satisfied with the quality considering how affordable it is
  • It’s pretty strong considering how compact and light it is. I’m satisfied with the vacuuming part overall, plus it’s really clean and easy to empty it once filled
  • The filter doesn’t get clogged with trash at all, something I had big problems with in the past
  • You definitely not getting the best canister vacuum cleaner in the world at this price, but you’ll get way more than your money’s worth. It’s pretty small and convenient for handling and storing, plus the suction is not half that bad as well
  • When I read those canister vacuum cleaner reviews, the only thing I cared about was the price. My girlfriend recommended this one since her mother is using it, and it really showed me I could get a decent product bellow 100 bucks
  • Pretty quiet when I compare it to my old upright
  • It’s a breeze to pull it with me all around the house, and the controls are very easy to use and well placed

Here are the CONs we choose, as reported by the users:

  • I wish the cord was longer as I really feel the short reach since my power outlets are not at all strategically positioned for vacuuming
  • I have to keep all of the attachments that come with it in a drawer since there’s no place for storing them on board
  • It blows a really hot air out while working. I don’t know if that’s a regular occurrence or mine’s just defective
  • It works really well, but hairs seem to be its only weakness. They’ve caused a ruckus within the dirt cup so I’ll have to somehow work my way around that
  • How in the world does a company decide to choose this terrible green as the only color choice, it looks much worse in person…

4. NQ user ratings:

AirExcel 990A compact canister_vacuum_user_rating

5. To sum up the reviews of this vacuum

Overall LQ rating for this Eureka – 7.25.

If we had to define its main strength using one word we would have to choose “compromise”.

We know, we know, that doesn’t sound so good but it is good if the compromises are strategically made so that the customer gets the biggest bang for their buck.

It hits that sweet spot between the basics of the Eureka Mite and models like the Ball, with the price being much closer to the Mite.

We admire the attempt to make a good cyclone at that price point, and it worked to a point, but if we had to pick one flaw, it would be particle containment. It did score a 7 in the category which is not bad at all, but it what we call a “muscle 7” which means it was very close to getting down to a 6.5.

It literally came down to a few digits to decide between a 7 and a 6.5.

If you’re going to make a cyclone vacuum, you better make sure you seal it off properly.

The design is a huge step forward from the Mite as far as we can tell, but it failed to reflect on the ratings just because of the color choice. We’ve seen too many people “complaining” about it for it to score any better than a 7 in that category.

Bottom line – the AirExcel is a budget friendly vacuum and a solid bang for your buck with a few flaws.

A short resume of what we’ve seen

So, no major surprise at the top, the Dyson Ball still reigns supreme in pretty much every category. The Jet-Force and the Mighty Mite traded places and we’ve seen an interesting new arrival ranked as no.4.

Overall, we believe the list contains a little something for anybody’s taste, from the futuristic high-end Dyson to the budget-friendly bare-essentials approach of the Mite.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please, share them in the comments or contact us.

The NQ Labs team