Best cordless stick vacuum cleaner

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Let me just get one thing off my chest before we even start this update. I’m somewhat subjective about cordless vacuums. Aside the fact that I’m a real clumsy klutz around the house, the light weight, and no cords to get knotted up really makes the cleaning one heck of a joyride.

Cord-free stick vacs are also my weapon of choice since they do pretty much all the work I need done, plus they can handle the floors, unlike handheld ones. And if you’ve read my guide on them, you know about my disturbing affection towards stick puns.

So, when it’s time to do an update on this guide, everyone at the office knows to stay out of my way. This is one of my favorite topics ever since day one, incorporating everything I like about vacuum cleaners, and use in my own home.

image of the the best corddless stick vacuum cleaner - shark navigator

5 best-rated cordless stick vacuum cleaners

Current ratings
shark navigator cord free 1

Shark Navigator Freestyle

dyson v6 cord free stick 1
Dyson V6

hoover cordless linx side view

Hoover Linx

deep blue electrolux ergorapido stick cordless

Electrolux Ergorapido

dirt devil cordless red stick

Dirt Devil Extreme


Boy, do we have a threat of a twist for you today. Hoover Linx was the winner of our last update, as you already know, only to slide to place number 4 this time around. That’s the first time ever something like that happened, and we’re all caught by surprise here as well.

Shark Navigator, last time’s number 2 managed to climb its way to the top in the past two months. Number 3 remains as it was, and the 2nd and 5th place are reserved for some fresh blood from Electrolux and Dirt Devil.

Best cordless stick -The Navigator

By Shark

Fact sheet:

  • Convenience of a cordless stick vacuum cleaner
  • Easy maneuvering due to swivel steering
  • Optimized settings (2 speed) for bare floor and carpeting
  • Easy to empty, extra large dirt cup; precision charger – the battery is fully charged in less than 4 hours
  • User manual with troubleshooting tips
shark cordless stick navigator vacuum white
Our independent in-house test results:

The Navigator finally navigated its way to the top. It was on our lists for more than a year now in this or that place, and it was about time it got there for once.

PROs (as reported by our testers):
  • After three different stick vacuums, I’ve finally found one that performs well on both hard floors and carpets. Best cordless stick vacuum ever!
  • I like how it can pick up even some larger chunks of debris
  • The price of under $100, this is a cheap vacuum, having the features in mind
  • It charges in no time
  • My apartment is all bare floors, and I like how there’s no scratching
  • Hazard with these rubberized wheel
  • It’s so lightweight and easy to maneuver through all the obstacles in my apartment
  • I’ve pretty much read all the cordless stick vacuum review known to man, and the thing that broke it for me was the replaceable battery (of all things). I’ve bough two more, so now I can vacuum my entire house in one swoop
  • The power button is poorly placed. I turned it off by accident more than once
  • With about 17 minutes of juice, there’s no way I can vacuum my entire house in one go
  • It’s pretty noisy
  • The warranty is pretty short. Only 1 year

Current ratings of the best cordless stick

Summary of the best cordless stick vacuum review

The Navigator is something of a hidden gem. It’s an budget friendly model and has been voted the best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair two years in a row. putting up a heroic fight in a 150-400$ pool of products. The current placement only shows that it can really hold its own against much pricier machines.

So, number one selling point for the Navigator is its price-quality ratio. The other is the way it handles pet hair on both hard floors and carpets. Motorized removable brushrool really gives it the edge in that perspective.

The unique feature it has got mixed feedback. I’m talking about the foot switch. It’s a great thing since you don’t have to bend constantly to reach it, but a lot of customers report they activate it by accident far too often.

Bottom line, this is one robust and powerful piece of machinery. It does have a couple of flaws, yes, but they’re more of a minor inconvenience rather than a deal breaker. I suspect the price was the factor that carried it to victory this time around, but I’ll leave you to draw your own “post-review” conclusions.

Overall NQ Rating of 9.5/10 really shows that you don’t have to blow your budget sky-high in order to get a good cordless stick vacuum.

2nd top-rated cordless stick

V6 cordless stick vacuum

By Dyson

Fact sheet:

  • Cleaner head is motorized and good for all types of floors
  • Digital V6 motor makes this cordless vacuum the most powerful. Radial 2-tier cyclones will capture larger amounts of fine dust
  • Well-balanced for cleaning in between, down bellow, and up top. Handheld cleaning made possible with detachable wand
  • Even stronger suction in max mode
  • Docking station for storing and charging the machine
dyson v6 cord free stick

Ratings of 2nd top-rated cordless stick

A game changer

This Dyson represents a cleaning “game changer” according to the in-depth market research.

It’s the best rated cordless stick in all categories but “value for money”, it’s a costly toy and that brough the rating in the category to 8.8.

Its big brother, the DC59 is among the top 5 best cordless vacuums overal, and it’s similar in features and power to the V6. That says a lot.

  • HEPA filter really ups my cleaning game
  • It does a great job, and it’s so lightweight
  • The best cordless stick vacuum out of the five I’ve owned
  • It dishes out a really powerful suction
  • Very versatile. It’s doing great on my ceilings, clean floors, and pretty much anything caught in between
  • I really like the attachments I got!
  • The max setting really deserves the name
  • The price is through the roof!
  • I don’t like the fact the battery is built-in
  • I need to empty it waaay too often due to small capacity of the dirt bin


The thing that “buries” this model is its over the top price. At 300 bucks, it really doesn’t offer enough to justify giving that kind of money. My guess it’s that’s why it occupies the 3rd place because customers don’t really buy into the whole “revolutionize your home-cleaning” marketing campaigns.

With that said, this is by no mean a bad product, far from it. It’s the bare bones version of Dyson V6, which makes the V6 family of products alongside the Animal, the Motorhead, and the Absolute. The basic version features only the floor and the combination tool while other models have more of them.

So, to put it simply, this is one mean machine but hard to opt for with similar models out there coming from different manufacturers offering similar quality at a way more acceptable price.

Overall VT rating is 9.3/10, which just goes to show how relentless the competition in the top 3 has become over the years.

3rd best stick cordless vacuum

Linx BH50010 cordless stick vacuum

image of the 2nd top-rated cordless stick vacuum - hoover linx

By Hoover

Info sheet:

  • Here’s a quick intro from Hoover:
  • Bagless and cordless featuring WindTunnel Tech
  • Battery is Lithium Ion, 18V and interchangeable; the height auto adjusts
  • Power brush is motorized can be turned off with a flip of the switch for cleaning bare floors; the nozzle is 11” wide
  • Special bristles for edge-cleaning, the base is low-profile, special gauge indicates battery-fuel, includes Energy star charger for the battery
  • Size – 11” x 8” x 42”
  • 2-year warranty for the vacuum as well as the battery and the charger
  • It does a good job on my clean floors, and even takes care of the edges
  • It’s good for pet hair on hardwood, didn’t test it on carpets yet
  • Performs well, not the best cordless stick vacuum in the world but far from the worst I’ve owned
  • Very tall yet pretty lightweight
  • I like the foam filter that’s washable so I can save some extra money on replacements
  • Pretty fade-free throughout the cleaning session
  • The hard floor-carpet transitions go really smoothly
  • Pretty powerful suction
  • The filter is made of foam, and it doesn’t really do a bang up job with dirt-trapping
  • I need to was the filter way to often
  • The base doesn’t swivel, which limits the overall mobility
  • It doesn’t really do well on stairs
  • Taking out the belt and the brush tool is such a pain

Current Ratings

The Linx occupying the 3rd place was a shocker for all of us in the office, I must admit.

But then again, this eye candy has had a pretty turbulent history as far as our page is concerned.

Overall VT Quality Ratings – 9 / 10.


Linx’s biggest asset is that it’s probably the only cordless stick vacuum that combines good carpet-performance with a competitive price tag. It’s everybody’s guess why it oscillates so much in terms of positions on our lists, but it’s always there so that must count for something.

A useful thing to know is that both the Linx cordless stick vac and the Linx 50030 handheld use the same battery, which is a good incentive for buying both of them since they’re pretty complementary in that regard.
Linx is a part of Hoover’s platinum collection that also features canisters and uprights.

It’s also one of the rare models featuring both motorized brushroll and the brusher for edge-cleaning.

Overall VT Rating of 9/10 puts it firmly in place number 3 this time around.

4th top-rated stick cordless vacuum

Deep Blue Ergorapido

By Electrolux

Basic info sheet from the manufacturer:

  • 10.8V high performance turbo power Lithium battery offers superior cleaning performance, fast charge and longer run time.
  • Cordless convenience and motorized brushtool for through bare floors cleaning
  • EasySteer 180 degrees maneuverability provides smooth movement and turning
  • 2-in-1 handheld detachable vacuum for above-the-floor cleaning
  • Cyclonic bagless system for consistent suction
deep blue electrolux ergorapido-stick cordless vacuum cleaner
  • The setup was super easy! I’ve tightened the one screw attaching the unit and handle using a simple nickel I had in my pocket
  • It’s really lightweight. Even my little daughter can use it without any problems
  • The suction is pretty powerful even on my throw rugs
  • Best cordless stick vacuum in terms of sheer maneuverability (this is the fourth I bought so far). It gets under table legs and around corners like a boss!
  • The front LED lights are a great helper in hunting down cat litter and bread crumbs
  • The charge lasts forever!
  • It stands free on hard surfaces, but it gets a bit wobbly if I leave it on my carpet
  • I wish the handheld unit also had some lighting like the main one
  • I’ve mistaken the power connection for a screw hole the first time around, so it was a bit annoying figuring that out when I first got it
  • It has a paper filter that needs changing regularly
  • I’d like a bigger dust binn

Final thoughts on the 4th best cordless stick

The main thing that separates this pony from the herd is its run time compared to the charge time. It can run up to 20-21 minutes, which is by far the record for a cordless vac, and it takes it only 4 hours for full recharge.

Maneuverability is another forte of our Mr. Speedy, which is also a rare thing to be found in these robust cleaning machines. It also qualifies as a “multi-surface cleaning appliance” since it does a bang up job on both hard floors and carpets.

In terms of models coming from Electrolux assembly line, it stands somewhere between the Precision upright and UltraPower Studio, which is a pretty good position in terms of money required if you ask me.

Current rating of 8.8 Rating tells us this update is all about quality at affordable prices rather than blown out costs and over marketed brands..

BD20040 RED stick cordless

By Dirt Devil

Info sheet:

  • 14.4V of extreme power
  • Cordless convenience
  • Versatile for bare floors and carpets due to the revolving brush that can be turned on/off
  • The handle folds down making it easy to store
  • Low-profile and lightweight, ideal for under-the-furniture cleaning
dirt devil cordless red stick vacuum
  • With the price this low, it’s one of the two best cordless stick vacuums in terms of value for money
  • I use it every single day and after almost a year it’s still going strong
  • The suction is really strong
  • It works well on carpets and bare floors, which is exactly what I’ve read about it in all the cordless stick vacuum reviews I found online
  • Recharges pretty fast
  • Very easy to clean!
  • It’s noisy
  • It does a decent job, but don’t expect much for that kind of money
  • I wish the batteries held longer
  • One of the wheels fell off a couple of moths after we got it

Current Ratings

The Linx occupying the 3rd place was a shocker for all of us in the office, I must admit.

But then again, this eye candy has had a pretty turbulent history as far as our page is concerned.

Overall VT Quality Ratings – 9 / 10.


Not much more to add about our second newcomer. It’s a budget model people seem to love and buy relentlessly. It appears that’s the overall motif behind this update: budget-friendliness.

It’s main push comes from the insane amount of power it dishes out, but that’s also where the main customer complaint stems from. “It sounds like a jet-engine”, they say. I guess sheer power combined with the uberaffordable price was the winning combo for this update.

NQ Rating of 8/10 is nothing to sneeze at as well.

Conclusion of this update

Now that’s what I call an exciting update! We’ve had two newcomers and previous number 1 sliding to the 4th place. That’s not something you see every day, or ever until now.

Cordless stick vacuums combine the best features in the world of vacuum cleaners (IMO), and this guide along with its countless updates is dead-set on giving you the best of the best currently on the market.

I’m already looking forward to updating the situation in two months and seeing how it all plays out.