Before we start brushing up on our stick vacuuming expertise, I’ll have to give you a fair warning.

As of today, I’m officially “forbidden” from using stick puns around the office. It was the first ever unanimous vote since we started working in 2003. I don’t think that applies to my guides, however. So, be warned this is my only “pun-outlet” now 🙂

Getting back to the guide – no fireworks this time, I’m afraid.

We’ve sure had some interesting development in the last two months, though, featuring one unfortunate record. Our top-5 list welcomed two newcomers in this update, giving them cozy number 3 and 4 spots. Our still reigning champion was in a sticky situation for a moment there, almost losing to last time’s number 3. Finally, Dyson DC59 has seen a little slide from number 4 to 5.

About the record I mentioned – it’s the absence of Hoover 3.0 from the list. It was our number 2 last time around, only to completely disappear in time for this guide. That’s the first time something like that happens to a second-placed product.

Getting down to business – these are the winners of the update – 5 top rated stick vacuums at the moment:

best_stick_vacuum_dirt_devilSimpli-stik SD20000RED stick vacuum By Dirt Devil9.25/10
second_top_rated_stick_vacuumRocket HV301 vacuum cleaner By Shark9/10
review_rating_hoover_stick_cyclonicCyclonic SH20030 stick vacuum cleaner By Hoover8/10
vonhaus_upright_stick_vacuum_rating_bestStick vacuum cleaner By VonHaus8/10
dyson_dc59_highest_rated_dyson_in_stick_categoryDC59 Motorhead vacuum cleaner By Dyson7.5/10

Simpli-stik SD20000RED stick vacuum


By Dirt Devil

1. Let’s start with some basic product information:

  • 3-functions vacuum cleaner: a stick, utility, and handheld vac
  • Handheld unit easily detaches from the larger one; crevice tool is onboard
  • Rudimentary on/off switch; wheels are smooth-rolling; handy cord wrap
  • Construction is lightweight for comfortable transport; dust cup is removable
  • 7 x 11 x 45
  • F25 Filter – 2SV1101000 will fit this unit

2. Here are the scores of our specialized tests:

Simpli-stik SD20000RED stick vacuum By Dirt Devil - specialized tests score

If there’s still something unclear as to why this model won out in our two latest updates to this guide, we’ll get all the answers from people who put it against some real-life cleaning tasks.

3. Let’s see why the customers decided to stick with this model. Here are some of the PROs:

  • It’s a very versatile vacuum cleaner. I’m able to take care of the entire house in one swoop, even the most hard-to-reach places aren’t a problem anymore
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry and maneuver, and the price is a joke in a positive sense
  • Cleaning power is something else! Probably the best stick vacuum cleaner out of five we’ve changed so far
  • The cord is super-long, so I don’t have to reposition it strategically every time I get a bit further from the socket
  • It performs really well on my thick carpet! Not even gonna mention the number it did on my wood floors
  • After a ton of stick vacuum cleaner reviews, the super affordable price was the thing that got me zoning in on this one! Pretty worth it for the cash invested

Here’s what the customers didn’t like about it:

  • I had to assemble it myself!
  • There’s no auto-rewind for the cord
  • If you’re a taller guy like me, this vacuum will be too short for comfort
  • There’s only one speed

4. Users have spoken their mind, let’s see the ratings based on the pool of reviews we collected:

Simpli-stik SD20000RED stick vacuum By Dirt Devil - users ratings scores

Let’s summarize the review for this vacuum cleaner

Price-performance ratio is the proverbial ace up the Dirt Devil’s sleeve. It’s a bargain buy with a natural knack for great cleaning performance in its portfolio. It’s definitely a team player, able to work under pressure, and goal-oriented (if one can say that about a vacuum, this is the one that you can say it about).

This little stickling is a first-level upgrade to your overly familiar broom/dustpan combo, but as far as first-level upgrades go…

The driving force behind its design: hardwood floors. Carpets are ok, but hardwood is the sweet spot it wants to be unleashed upon. With a well-known 3-in-1 deal, you’ll definitely have versatility, paired with light weight and great maneuverability.

Overall, you’re getting a top performer in the stick category and a perfect Santa’s helper for your main vacuum. All that while pinching some pennies along the way. It won’t hack it as the chief house cleaner, but it’s not meant to anyway.

You’ll feel some corners being cut, but Dirt Devil had to stretch a dollar over sizeable chunks of features, making an occasional scrimping here and there more than expected and palatable.

Overall LQ Quality rating is next-to-perfect 9.25/10.

Rocket HV301 vacuum cleaner


By Shark

1. Here’s the manufacturer’s choice of basic features to share with us:

  • Will never lose power or suction
  • Clean both carpets and bare floors
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile cleaning floor-to-ceiling
  • Swivel steering



2. These are the marks it hit in our in-house tests:

Rocket HV301 vacuum cleaner By Shark - specialized tests score

I don’t think this bare-bones specification is gonna cut it. We’ll definitely need a bit more info on our almost-champion this time around. If you’ve read the update before this, you’ll remember my little rant on skimpy product descriptions.

3. We’ll kick things off with some pleasant experiences:

  • It’s really good at removing pet hair from my carpets
  • The filter is washable, which is a big plus in my book
  • I can reach even under the lowest furniture in my apartment
  • It did very well on my thick carpets, but also on hardwood floors. Pretty good for the money
  • Pretty lightweight and maneuverable plus, the cord is long enough to reach all the parts of my apartment
  • Surprisingly maneuverable and nimble in hand
  • I like all the different attachments I got with it

Let’s see what the users didn’t like about it:

  • It’s a bit lacking when it comes to cleaning the edges
  • Debris and bare floors are a problematic combo for this model
  • The cord is really pesky imo. You can see they made the effort to minimize that experience though
  • It’s pretty heavy in the top portion. Not heavy overall, it’s just the weight seems oddly distributed

4. Let’s see what the user-ratings have to say:

Rocket HV301 vacuum cleaner By Shark - users ratings scores

Time to recap what we’ve heard in this vacuum cleaner review:

I’m gonna stick out my nose with some bold prediction territory here. I’ll say this model won’t manage to climb to the top in the next update either.

It’ll never really come first but never the last either, is the way I would describe it.

It lacks the sleek and streamlined feeling of the more costly branch of vacuums, and the budget soothing effect of the lower tier. Watched through the right set of goggles, the “Jack-of-all-trades” nature of this model is revealed. It offers a grand lot of features/utility, and they’re all well put together, but one short stick away from being mastered.

Basically, this is your hybrid between the two worlds. Not the best stick vacuum cleaner in the world, but far from the worst. Customers seem to enjoy it quite a lot actually, so that’s also something to guide your hand come shopping time.

With the overall LQ Rating of 9/10 I can finally whip out my all-to-rarely used “so close but no donut” phrase with an appropriate gusto.

Cyclonic SH20030 stick vacuum cleaner


By Hoover

1. Let’s go over the basic description real quick:

  • Powerful brushroll featuring Cyclonic Technology – easy transitioning between hard flooring and area rugs
  • Optimal maneuverability between furniture via swivel steering
  • Extremely leaned handle allows you for a great reach under the furniture
  • 20-inch power cord featuring cord release
  • Dirt cup with bottom release makes it easy to see when it needs to be emptied, simplifying the dirt disposal process

2. Let’s see the results from our computerized tests:

Cyclonic SH20030 stick vacuum cleaner By Hoover - specialized tests score

A corded version of a Linx stick vacuum is the first and most accurate description I could think off the top of my head. With that said, customer reactions are the next item on the “menu”.

3. Let’s make the first of our newcomers feel at home with some positive things customers had to say about it:

  • The base is low-profile enough to get and clean under the furniture
  • The price is more than great according to all the stick vacuum cleaner reviews I’ve read put together
  • It does a really ok job at spot cleaning
  • I turn the motorized brush on for my carpets and off for the hardwood floors to avoid scratching it. I really like this feature, and it makes a real and noticeable difference
  • It’s really lightweight and easy to carry around the apartment
  • The suction seems pretty powerful and that’s basically the factor I consider to be the difference between the best stick vacuum cleaner you can get and a piece of junk (you can also get)

Here are some eyebrow raisers:

  • You can’t rewind the cord
  • The cord is too short in my opinion
  • It won’t really shine if the surface is too dirty. I still have to whip out my heavy-duty Dyson for that
  • Dirt bag is somewhat small

4. Now that we threw the stick and got to know our freshly-arrived contender, we can heck out its user-ratings:

Cyclonic SH20030 stick vacuum cleaner By Hoover - users ratings scores

Conclusion of this stick vacuum cleaner review

“Cordless Linx”, as we usually call this model around the office is the maneuvering superstar among our chosen few. It’s a perfect option for small spaces where longer reach isn’t an asset, but maneuverability surely is.

The feature that also gives it a unique appeal is its motorized brush. Not a lot of stick vacuums have it, and it’s a great addition for easily scratched types of linoleum or hardwood. If we pair the brushes with a decent suction, we get a fine debris terminator. Larger pieces will give it a bit of a hard time, though.

This is also a highly specialized floor-cleaning unit since it doesn’t feature any attachments whatsoever. Slap a 2-year warranty on top of it all and this Cinderella is ready for the ball.

Stick vacuum cleaner


By VonHaus

1. Let’s see the basic info sheet VonHaus decided to share with us:

  • 600W with the suction power of 130 air Watts. Convertible to handheld
  • Dust capacity of 1.2l – Dust container is easy to remove
  • HEPA/sponge filtration
  • Excellent suction and easy gliding over different surfaces
  • Power cord is 18ft long, handheld mode brush attachment, crevice tool, shoulder strap, hose adaptor

2. Our specialized test gave us these ratings:

Stick vacuum cleaner By VonHaus - specialized tests score

New numbers 3 and 4 almost ended up in a tie, so our tie-breakers earned their stay yet again. I’m assuming the user-feedback will be similar, but let’s leave nothing to chance.

3. Here’s what the customers pointed out as positive:

  • I can really get behind that price
  • The size of the dirt cup is quite generous
  • Hepaaaaaaaa!!!
  • It’s very versatile. I use it to clean floors, but also upholstery and stairs
  • I can adjust the length of this little guy. It’s the first time I have that option, so my back say this is the best stick vacuum ever!
  • I’ve ended up stranded among all those stick vacuum cleaner reviews online until a friend of mine recommended this little gadget. Performs well in my whole apartment and really justifies the money spent

Let’s take a look at some of the CONs:

  • The power cord is way too short for me, and the rewind option would also be nice
  • Attachments rely solely on friction. There’s no lock mechanism whatsoever
  • Attachments are made of medium-quality plastic, I would say and CAN crack if you go a bit overboard with the pressure
  • I had to buy motorized brush tool separately
  • It’s too noisy if you ask me. Not heavy-duty noisy, but still

4. Here are the final user-ratings:

Stick vacuum cleaner By VonHaus - users ratings scores

Let’s conclude this review of a stick vacuum cleaner properly

There are two things that sell this model. One is kind of revolutionary, one just rarely seen in stick vacuums.

I’m talking about the telescopic wand and HEPA filter, of course. Stick vacs usually give their owners hard time with constant bending to reach areas on the floor. Not this little guy. You can also extend it to get to all those hard-to-reach places. HEPA filter I’ve talked about over and over, update after update.

One of the main differences between it and current number three is the absence of the motorized brush, which you’ll have to buy separately. It also features some additional attachments, so it’s not only floor-oriented.

Just one more word of caution. Be careful not to mistake it for a cordless vac. It has that general design, but this one comes with the power cord all right.

It has the same overall LQ Rating as the 3rd place (8/10), but tie-breakers decided it’s the stick time, not the carrot.

DC59 Motorhead vacuum cleaner


By Dyson

1. We all know everything there is about the Motorhead, right? Still, some basic info for the first-timers here won’t hurt:

  • 75 percent more power of the brush bar compared to the Animal
  • V6 digital motor
  • Radial 2 tire cyclones
  • Well –balanced for cleaning floor-ceiling
  • 24 min of cleaning time

2. Let’s see some in-house test numbers:

DC59 Motorhead vacuum cleaner By Dyson - specialized tests score

Motorhead is a regular on our list by now, constantly going up and down. Let’s see some of the new experiences users shared with us in the past two months.

3. Time for some new user-reviews. Let’s start with the PROs:

  • This is the best stick vacuum cleaner for me as far as suction power is concerned. I had four of them so far, and this Dyson really takes the cake
  • It recharges super fast
  • I like the option to double the power of suction
  • It’s very lightweight, easy to handle and empty
  • Motorized brush really does a good job on my carpets
  • I can use it both as a stick or handheld vac
  • The filter is easy to clean, and it lasts pretty much forever according to all the stick vacuum cleaner reviews I’ve found for this model
  • The brushes are surprisingly easy to clean

The CONs:

  • It really doesn’t have enough juice for my entire house. It lasts about 24-5 minutes, which is not nearly enough
  • The dirt bin is way to small for me
  • Cheerios are the arch-nemesis for this vacuum
  • It’s pretty loud, especially if I turn on the max button

4. User-ratings go as follows:

DC59 Motorhead vacuum cleaner By Dyson - users ratings scores

Let’s put a button on this vacuum cleaner review

Dyson Motorhead is a beast, no doubts about it. It’s basically their Animal model on steroids, with a new, pimped up version of floor tool that features its separate motor! That brings a revolutionary new power and speed to the brush, a thing only found in corded models.

We call it “A Trailblazer” around here since it really breaks the limits of stick vacuums and enters the territory of regular uprights. Very powerful and groundbreaking, but extremely costly at over 500 bucks. I think that’s the sole reason it fluctuates so much position-vise.

This Dyson was made a perfect example of in terms of user-ratings affecting the grade negatively. I guess customers just aren’t just overwhelmingly ready to dish out 500 dollars for a vacuuming stick, no matter the power. Around 600 user-reviews on Amazon, compared to almost 6k for our no1 Dirt Devil speak to that fact as well.

Overall LQ Rating is 7.5/10, which is a tad weaker than the last time, explaining the subtle one-place slide.

Final conclusions of the guide

Stick vacuum cleaners are made for the role of secondary cleaning tools in your household. It’s all about not having to trouble your heavy-duty vacuum with simple touch ups. Thus, they’re not as powerful or versatile as your main vac, but lightweight, easier to use, handle and empty.

It seems to me people misinterpret the very point of these little guys quite often. They’re not there to suck the tiles off your floors and walls but to do some simple tasks too menial for your main vacuum. They also cost accordingly, except for the Motorhead, but that model surpasses your average sticky cleaner.

Just a quick reminder. We keep these guides regularly updated, so you can expect the new “dash for the cash” in exactly two months. We make sure you always have the correct market state in our articles, tempered with our own tried&true set of tests.

Choose wisely and keep it smart.