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We first tested and reviewed the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe and it’s “older brother” just over 4 years ago, which means this is the 24th update of the review. In the 4 years, this hard floor cleaner has never left the TOP 3 of its category.

The 2020 update didn’t change much – despite on a number of new competitive arrivals, this model still stands tall in vast categories that matter. Our sample of experiences grew and the reliabillity of the ratings.

It’s currently rated at 92/100 with the ratings of 93 and 94 in the Performance and Suction Power categories.

hoover floormate hard floor cleaner

Last updated: 2020

Let’s dig in and see what makes it so good and how to know if it’s right for you.

Before we go into the features and its performance, let’s see it’s current ratings in our 5 quality categories.

Quality Ratings of the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe

See how it works – quick video intro

What makes it better?

Main PROs:
  • It features what Hoover calls “Dual Tank Technology”, which is way of saying that the clean and dirty water are completely separate and never mix. In other words, only clean water can ever get to your floor while cleaning.
  • Works in two modes – Wash and Dry – in Wash mode, the brushes clean the floors (excess water is sucked back in) while turning on the Dry mode will stop the brushes, vacuum the remaining water and dry the floor in one pass.
  • Comes with Clean Boost Control – a feature that lets you add detergent to stains and spots with more stubborn dirt.
  • Versatile and mobile – weighs only 14 lbs, so it’s easy to maneuver and carry.
  • Gentle to the floors – the SpinScrub brushes are efficient (multi-angle design of the brush) but don’t cause any damage to the floors, tiles or any sealed surface. We would say that in these quality aspect, it belongs in the top 5% of all vacs out there. especially iof the criteria is value and not simply cost.
  • Easy maintenance – the brushes, tanks and nozzles are all removable and washable. Again, in its price range, it stands tall against any model.
  • Capacity of the tanks: 48 oz
  • Cord – 20 feet long
  • Weight and dimensions: 13.8 lbs / 13 x 12 x 44 “
  • Shipping weight: 19.6 lbs
  • Power and voltage: 3.5 Amps and 120 V
  • Warranty period: 2 Years

Modes of use of the Hoover Floormate

vacuuming hoover-floormate hard floors cleaner

To use it as a vacuum, you just set the dial to “Dry”. It’s not as powerful as full upright vacuums but it does a very good job with dust. It’s not mean to pick up larger chunks of debris. If you are cleaning a portion of the floor with lots of debris, you might have to use a regular vacuum before the FloorMate.

The profile is low enough to go under furniture, like bathroom or kitchen cabinets.


Probably the main forte of the Deluxe model.

Here’s how it works:

  • Releases detergent/water mix
  • The multi-angled brushes start rotating at 300 spins/ minute
  • The angles of the brushes makes for thorough cleaning of any sealed surface (hardwood floors, tiles, vinyl)
brushes of hoover floormate
wet mode of floormate deluxe
Wet mode

Instead of mopping and waiting for the floors to dry, turn on the wet pickup mode and dry your floors in one quick pass.

The drying function works well and dries up the floors as advertised.

Cleaning aside, the wet pickup mode can also be used for any spills that might happen – a nifty feature and a nice plus for parents.

Features of the Hoover Floormate Deluxe

Dual Tanks

One of the best things about the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe are the dual tanks that don’t allow the dirty and clean water to mix. Clean water is released to the floor from one tank and sucked back into the other.

Best use practice

Don’t fill the tanks while the cleaner is on. If you are cleaning a large surface and need to add water to the clean water tank or empty the dirty tank, turn the vacuum off before doing so.

Use the small included cap (about 1.5 oz) to add detergent to the clean water tank. One cap will be enough for a full tank. A 16 oz bottle of Hoover’s own Multi-floor Cleaning solution is included.

Using any kind concentrate detergents or waxes is not recommended. It might clog up parts of the FloorMate and, naturally, make the 2-year warranty void.

Capacity of the tanks

One filling will be enough to clean about 400 square ft (volume of each tank is about 1.5 quarts).

SpinScrub Brushes & Foldaway Handle

The Deluxe is designed to be used on sealed surfaces and won’t be of mush use for carpets.

It’s the dedicated design that allows it to work so well on hardwood floors.

Two separate set of brushes it comes with serve two distinct purposes – one is meant to be used on hardwood floors (the unit comes with this brush attached) and the other is designed for tile and grout. Switching between the two is easy.

The design of the handle (foldaway) makes it easier to store in small spaces like shelves or drawers.

spinscrub brushes of hoover floormate hard floor cleaner

Maintenance of the Floormate Deluxe

washing the tank of hoover-floormate deluxe
  • Brushes, tools and nozzles are all easily removable and can be rinsed and washed. Make sure you only use mild detergents.
  • Tank maintenance – both tanks are easy to clean simply by rinsing them after use. While that will be enough for the clean water tank, it’s advisable to clean the dirt tank more thoroughly every once in a while if you want to avoid any smells developing.
  • The filter attached to the top of the “dirt” tank is removable and can be washed. Before washing it, remove any debris that might be on it and make sure it’s completely dry before using it again.

Is it right for you?

FloorMate Deluxe is right for you if:

  • Significant areas of your home are not carpeted but bare floor and tiles. If that’s the case, the FloorMate will make your life much easier. Let’s face it, it’s high time we left kneeling and elbow-grease approach behind.
  • You are aware of the fact that cleaning your floors with a one-tank scrubber means that a “nice” percentage of those dirt particles will end up on the back on the floors. In those terms, the FloorMate solves a significant problem.
  • You want one appliance that will do it all instead of using vacuums, mops and then waiting for the floors to dry.

The surprising thing here is that it stands the test of time like a champ and it’s becoming one of those models that can be labeled as a classic. There’s only a handful of those per decade and it’s not a label we throw around. Here, it’s well deserved.

Our point here is that it might be the choice of people who don’t want to think about industry trends and want something that will stand the test of time and not become obsolete within 5 years. This one is here to stay.

You don’t need it if:

Most of your home is carpeted, and only small areas are bare. If this is the case, you can probably make do without a dedicated floor cleaner and are better off with a regular carpet vacuum.

Last updated – June 2020

* The 3 FloorMates *
SpinScrub, Deluxe & Edge

Just last year, Hoover added one more model to the fleet – the Edge.

The 3 Hoover FloorMate models (Classic, Deluxe and Edge) do share a name but they’re substantially different.

In our opinion, among the three hard floor cleaners, the Deluxe takes the cake. In fact, the race is not even close.

Take a quick look of the videos comparing the models.

hoover floormate classic vs deluxe vs edge

FloorMate SpinScrub Vs. FloorMate Deluxe

Deluxe Vs. Edge

Current Overal Ratings of the 3 FloorMates

Hoover FloorMate Spinscrub

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe

Hoover FloorMate Edge

Frequently asked questions

How safe is it for wood floors?

It’s safe and gentle to any sealed surface – the operating word being sealed.

This means that if your floors are cracked or the wood is worn, in the long run, the moisture might make the problem worse.

If this is your case, you can still use it, only not in the Wet mode.

With that said, properly sealed floors will not suffer any damage from the FloorMate.

What kind of detergent to use?

It’s safe to use other floor cleaner solutions, just make sure there are solvent, oil or wax-based. These will damage the appliance, particularly the brushes and the plastic parts, we mentioned it a few times in the Hoover FloorMate review above.

Check the label of the solution and if it says it’s not safe for plastic, it’s not the best idea using the solution.

How good is it with tiles and grout?

The extra set of brushes that come included yields great results both on tiles and grout.

Is it the same as a steam mop?

No. It doesn’t heat the water as a steam mop would. You fill the clean water tank with heated water and mix in the detergent.

What’s the wattage?

The power of the cleaner is listed at 110 Watts.

I’m seeing a thin film residue...

The reason for occasional reports of a film residue after cleaning can only be caused by the solution/detergent used.

There’s no feature of the appliance that could be “responsible”.

If you’re seeing this, switch detergents and don’t use anything that’s oil, solvent or wax-based.

How do you change the brush sets?

The brushes simply snap into place, there’s no need to mess with the screws.

You take off the cover and the brushes snap out when the green buttons are pressed.

Is there a vacuum only setting?

The previous model did include the vacuum only setting, the new one doesn’t. It is a dedicated floor cleaner. If you are getting this cleaner, it’s smart to get a solid vacuum to pick up the dirt first – you can see the Bissell 9595a review here, which is our top pick to pair up with this cleaner.

Can I use it on travertine tile floors?

Yes, it can be used but the results are not as good as those on smooth surfaces.

If your travertine tiling is outside and moldy, you probably won’t be happy with the results if you are only using the Deluxe.

How loud is it?

It’s quieter than the previous FloorMate SpinScrub, which was pretty quiet to begin with.

Hoover Floormate parts

Yes, Hoover does sell replacement parts for the FloorMate like brushes.

Does it vacuum and clean at the same time?

It’s a floor cleaner, which means that it’s meant to be used on floors without any significant debris.

If the floor is exceptionally dirty, it’s a good idea to vacuum it using a regular vacuum before you use the cleaner.

Bissell Crosswave vs. Hoover FloorMate

The question of how the it compares to the Bissell CrossWave is common. We see it in our inbox at least once every few months and our reply is always the same so we decided to address it in this Hoover FloorMate review.

In the reviews and comparisions of Bissell CrossWave vs. Hoover FloorMate hard floor cleaners, we give a slight edge to the FloorMate models, especially if we are talking about the Deluxe.

The quality and features are very similar and the Bissell CrossWave costs twice as much.

It’s that simple.

List of all models available
The Deluxe is our favorite, but the FloorMate fleet includes a number of good hard floor cleaners. Below is a complete list:

  • FloorMate Deluxe FH40160PC and FH40160CA Corded
  • SpinScrub FH40010B bare floor cleaner
  • SpinScrub with Tools – FH40030
  • Lightweight Dual Tank – FH40150RM
  • Refurbished FH40160RM
  • Cordless BH55100PC
If you already have a Hoover Floormate Deluxe of SpinScrub, or any other versions for that matter, you can find all the manuals here.

Hoover Floormate review summary

We mentioned at some point in the review of the FloorMate that it’s the runner up in the category of hardwood floor cleaners.

What we want to stress here is that the two other models in the TOP 3 cost much more than any of the FloorMate models. This makes it the best among them if you go by value for money.

FloorMate review updates

We update our review on bi-monthly basis as we gather new data. We started doing the bi-monthly updates last year, since we saw that quality of some hard floor cleaners significantly change within months.

Bottom line is that the review you are looking at is up-to-date and fresh.

VacuumsTest Team (last updated 2020)
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