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The main forte of the Hoover uh72400 WindTunnel is the ratio between the features and performance vs. price tag. It’s currently rated at 8.6/10 in the “value for money” category, which makes it one of our top picks among uprights with a steerable head.

To put it simply, it delivers power and suction that’s not very different from vacuums that cost 200-300% more.

We first compiled the review of Hoover uh72400 air steerable vacuum from the T-series over 6 years ago. In 80% of our bi-monthly updates, it was among Top 5 picks overall and the top dog in its price range, so that says a lot about this industry classic.

Hoover uh72400 windtunnel air-steerable with one pass technology

All quality ratings of the Hoover uh72400 air steerable WindTunnel

This Hoover uh72400 review is divided into 3 sections:

  • Fact sheet
  • Main features and advantages
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Summary of the review

Hoover uh72400 review | Section 1 – main features

Hoover Air Steerable WindTunnel hose

Info sheet:

  • Size and weight: 12 x 22 x 44 ‘ / 17 lbs
  • Cord length: 27 ft. (retractable)
  • Hose: 8 ft. long
  • Carpet height adjustment: 5 height levels


The Hoover T-Series uh72400 has a rinse-clean filter as well as a HEPA. With regular rinsing, the first filter will provide consistent quality in the exhaust air, while the HEPA reduces allergens. What we’ve seen in the reviews of this Hoover Air Steerable WindTunnel, the quality of the Hepa is just as good as in upright models one or two price ranges up.

Attachments of the Hoover air steerable

The Hoover T-Series Plus has an extendable hose that will stretch up to 8 feet. The crevice tool adds almost another foot to the reach of the hose. This allows the vacuum to reach up and down stairs and clean edges. The upholstery brush aids in vacuuming drapes and furniture. There is also an air powered turbo tool that is a mini beater-bar. This is helpful for people with pets, as it will brush pet hair and debris off of fabrics.

accessories for Hoover UH72400


The Hoover T-Series Plus has a rinse-clean filter as well as a HEPA. With regular rinsing, the first filter will provide consistent quality in the exhaust air, while the HEPA reduces allergens. What we’ve seen in the reviews of this Hoover Air Steerable WindTunnel, the quality of the Hepa is just as good as in upright models one or two price ranges up.

Vacuuming Technology

The Hoover T-Series Plus uses the patented WindTunnel technology. This creates and sustains an effective vacuum power that pulls dirt and debris out of surfaces. It provides both surface cleaning and deeply embedded soil.

Check Indicator

Periodically, the HEPA filter will need to be changed. The system check indicator will advise you when it is time to change the HEPA filter.


This is a bagless vacuum. That means that it has a canister that fills up and must be emptied when full. This can be messy, getting fine particulate dust on the user’s hands. However, one of the benefits of this kind of receptacle is that it doesn’t lose its effectiveness as it fills. Bag receptacles, once they get a coating of fine particulates along the inside, can decrease air flow and limit vacuuming quality.

Carpet Adjustments

There is a knob on the front that allows you to manually adjust carpet height. The Hoover T-Series Plus has 5 carpet height adjustments, with one for hardwood flooring.

canister of the hoover uh72400 vacuum

Review of the uh72400 | Section 3 – FAqs

Can you wash the HEPA FILTER?

No, you don’t wash HEPA filters. You replace them when the light tells you to. You can remove it and tap out any accumulated dust. DO NOT wash the HEPA filter, as that will ruin it.

The instructions say you can wash the filter. Which filter?

There is a tray with a smaller filter that slides in like a drawer. That is the filter you can wash. Be sure to dry it completely before you reinsert it and continue vacuuming. You can see all the parts of the uh72400, including the filter here.

Does it vacuum hardwood floors?

Yes, quite well. The bare floor setting allows you to vacuum with the vacuum head, and you can also use the hose and crevice tool to reach under appliances.

Does the Hoover T-Series Plus scratch hardwood floors?

No. In fact, most people love it for their laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, tile, and stained concrete floors. It does not scratch the floors.

Can you disengage the beater bar?

No. From what we’ve seen while testing compiling the review of Hoover uh72400 air steerable, the beater bar continues turning regardless of settings.

What if to get it without the beater bar?

The best solution is to raise the beater bar to its highest setting. The bar will continue to spin, but will not pick up anything. This is a good strategy to use when cleaning with the extension hose.

Is the Hoover uh74200 a good choice for a beach house?

Beach sand tracked into a house can be a real problem. The Hoover T-Series Plus will easily pull it out of carpet. On smooth surfaces, you may want to use the hose attachment on beach sand. It is so fine, the beater bar may leave some behind.

Bottom line, all the reviews of Hoover WindTunnel air steerable upright vacuum uh72400 from people using in circumstances similar or exactly the same to that of a beach house.

How good is this WindTunnel with pet hair?

People with pets find the turbo tool very handy to vacuum your upholstery. Plus, the vacuum pulls pet hair, dander, and dust out of the carpet and furnishings.

Is it easy to empty?

Yes, Hoover T-Series Plus is easy to empty. You just press the button and it comes loose. It can be messy, though. You take the canister to the trash can and pour out the debris. Just be prepared for the fine dust to get on your hands. I never was able to empty mine without getting some of the dust on my hands.

Is the Hoover uh74200 T-Series Plus noisy?

It’s not any noisier than any other vacuum. It is quieter and lighter than my last vacuum.

How do you clean it?

You can wash the canister in the sink, along with the washable filter. Other parts, such as the beater bar, require a little more effort. You may have to use scissors to clean the beater bar and a bottle brush or cloth to wipe down the rest of the parts.

Do you have to assemble it on arrival?

Yes, but it’s not hard to do. You attach the handle to the stem, and the canister has to be put into place. The attachments are easy to place on – you can see the instruction on how to assemble it here.

Does the Hoover T-Series Plus use a belt on the beater bar?

Yes. You just follow the directions in the manual that comes with the vacuum. I always keep a long screwdriver handy for leverage (since I don’t have a lot of hand strength). When you replace the belt, take the faceplate off of the vacuum head. Be careful when you put the beater bar back. The end without the belt goes in first. Get it straight in the groove in the housing. Then, use the long screwdriver, or your own strength, to leverage the belt-end into position. This side is wider, but you still have to get the end straight in the housing groove.

Is the Hoover air steerable vacuum self-propelled?

No, but sometimes you may think it is. Self-propelled vacuums have extra motor weight that makes them heavier. The Hoover T-Series Plus does have a powerful beater bar, and on low carpet will sometimes feel like it’s pulling itself forward.

Carpet performance review of the Hoover uh72400 air steerable upright

All the reviews of Hoover uh72400 air steerable from our featured testers and the research we’ve done online indicate that it’s great on thick carpets. It has plenty of height settings so that you can set it for whichever type of carpet you have.

It performs well, especially having the price in mind but if you are looking for something even cheaper you can see our guide on best cheap vacuum cleaners under $100 here.

If this is a 120 volt vacuum, can I plug it into my home outlets that are 110 volts?


Can this vacuum be used in Europe?

NO. In the U.S., e use 50Hz. In Europe, it’s 60 Hz.

Does the attachment hose get in the way?

Some say it does, some say not. It has two hooks on the back that hold it in place so that it doesn’t flop around.

How do users like the hose attachment?

Most people really like having a built-in hose attachment. However, some say that this hose is a little stiff and does not stretch far enough; at least that’s what we saw while combing through the Hoover uh72400 reviews.

I can’t get the height adjustment to work. What can I do?

Make sure there is no “bind” on the beater bar. Tilt the vacuum back and turn the knob. Also, you can’t change it easily if the vacuum is running. So, turn it off and tilt it back. If that doesn’t work, set it on a smooth floor and turn the knob.

My Hoover T-Series Plus stopped working when I vacuumed up an area rug. Did I burn up the motor?

It’s really hard to burn up the motor on the uh72400, at least that’s what we’ve seen. Most people turn off the vacuum before it gets to that point. Actually, what happened was that the vacuum overheated when the area rug got stuck in it. You’ll have to wait about 30 minutes for the vacuum to cool down, but it will work fine after that. If the belt popped off, you’ll probably have to put it back on.

We haven’t seen the issue of the motor burning in the reviews of the Hoover uh72400 in the percentages that would indicate anything that would stand out from the statistical margin of error we seen with other vacuums.

It looks like my beater bar – melted?

It may have. It has a metal axle, but plastic housings, so if you try to vacuum deep carpet on an extremely low setting, the metal axle will keep spinning while the plastic beater bar doesn’t. This will make it melt. You have to make sure you don’t get the beater bar in a bind.

How often do you have to empty the canister?

Empty it when it gets full. You can see through it, so you know when it’s full. Some people complain that they have to empty it more often than they changed the bag in their old vacuum, but I think that’s because bag vacuums don’t do as good a job as the Hoover T-Series Plus. If you have pets and a lot of in-and-out traffic, you may have to empty the canister more often. True confessions, here, I have two Malamutes, and when they are shedding I will empty the canister 2 times every time I vacuum the living room carpet! While pooling the data for the Hoover uh72400 review, I’ve seen people reporting similar results.

Power vs. performance balance review

Vacuum cleaners were originally used for cleaning carpets, but have evolved into all-purpose cleaning tools. With hose attachments, they can be used to clean upholstery, drapes, ceiling fans, and other hard-to-reach areas of the house. The efficiency we’ve see in our testing and in the reports from the Hoover uh72400 reviews indicate that Hoover got the balance just right with this WindTunnel.

Summary of the review of Hoover uh74200 air steerable upright WindTunnel

As we previously mentioned, this Hoover gives any potential owner a nice bounce for the ounce, in fact, it’s one of the top value uprights.

That goes for pretty much all aspects of the unit – from the quality of the plastic used for the body and the stretch hose to the more substantial quality aspects like suction and performance. It works well on hard floor, almost as good as its “cousin”, Flormate (you can see the full review of the Hoover Floormate Deluxe here).

It’s a well-balanced vacuum that does good on carpets of various thicknesses as well as pet hair.

Finally, rest assured that the information and ratings of the uh72400 you’re seeing in this review are relevant and up-to-date, all our vacuum analyses are updated on bi-monthly basis to make sure what you read includes any potential quality changes.

Bottom line – chances of finding an upright with this kind of power and performance that would be as good as those of this WindTunnel air steerable model from Hoover are slim.