Top vacuum picks by purpose of use and price range


Best stick vacuum cleaner

Before we start brushing up on our stick vacuuming expertise, I’ll have to give you a fair warning. As of today, I’m officially “forbidden” from using stick puns around the office. It was the first ever unanimous vote since we started working in 2003. I don’t think...

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Best robot vacuum cleaner – 2018 update

We always get overly excited when we get to write an update on the guide on best robot vacuum cleaners. There’s something about robo-vacuums most of us find simply fun, and I’m seriously considering starting an office petition for doing this updates more often. The...

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Best canister vacuum cleaners

No major changes in this category since the last update to this guide (2 months ago). There’s one new arrival placed at no.4, but the winner of the category is still well ahead of its closest competitors both in our tests and the user review ratings. For those new to...

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Best upright vacuum cleaners

Hi, this is the 78th update to the guide on best upright cleaners. And one more that we would call “boring”. Boring in terms that we had no major upsets, the one vacuum (we are of course talking about the Shark Navigator) is still by far the dominant in most...

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